Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessments

Completed by a team of Clinical Neuropsychologists and Clinical Psychologists, our clinical and neuropsychology assessments empower you to improve your overall functioning and inspire you to grow better coping and communication with yourself and others. Being given a diagnosis would be less overwhelming, or not overwhelming at all, when you understand what the diagnostic criteria means and when you are inspired and skilled, knowing how to manage it well. It also might open up a new world of support and help you inspire others to get better. 

With the valuable knowledge that comes from a clinical and neuropsychological assessments, our experienced team will work with you to inspire and support you to develop a good treatment and therapy plan. Our goal forever is to help you develop the ability to accept and understand your vulnerabilities as well as strengths indeed, and to inspire you to gain the efficient coping skills and actively engage in the process of moving forward towards desired quality life.

Our clinical & neuropsychological assessment services

Gold Coast Psychologist, Psychological Disorders, Counselling, Marriage Counselling

NDIS Provider

We offer therapy and assessments for NDIS participants at our Gold Coast clinics. We are also able to offer these Australia-wide for those participants wishing

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A Neuropsychological Assessment explores strengths and vulnerabilities in the domains of thinking/cognition, memory, emotional regulation and processing speed to identify if there are any areas

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Intelligence Quotient (IQ) testing highlights learning potential, identifies client-specific strengths and vulnerabilities and helps create treatment plans and recommendations to facilitate access to relevant and

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Gold Coast Psychologist, Psychological Disorders, Counselling, Marriage Counselling

Personality Disorders (PDs)

Personality issues generally develop during adolescence or early adulthood, resulting in rigid and at times ‘abnormal’ (antisocial, asocial or psychotic) patterns of thinking, behaviour and

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Functional assessments are conducted to assess psychological capability in employment, legal and insurance matters. Depending on the nature of the assessment, our psychologists can conduct

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