Family Therapy

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At Inspire Mindful Psychology, we believe that family is a central most important contributor to every persons’ life, whether that is a family by blood, foster/adoption, or any other dynamic family structure or process. 

All families have periods when they go through difficult times, major transitions, or perhaps even mental or behavioural health problems with family members. We deeply believe in importance of nurturing and empowering you to be able to regain and retain a positive sense of wholeness, trust, respect, and mindful support within the family unit, especially during difficult times. That would help maintain your ability to help you and the family to experience happiness together.

Family therapy, or family counselling, is a form of therapeutic treatment that has been designed to help each  person within their families to jointly and individually address specific family dynamics, communication styles, values, needs, expectations and a variety of the issues that might be affecting the ability of a family to function well as a whole and to nurture happiness in their individuals. There certainly is a way to empower, grow and to maintain a functional healthy family.

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