Canine Therapist – Luna

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Canine Therapist – Luna

Canine Therapist


Hi :o) I am Luna, a Canine Therapist and Maremma Sheepdog from the Whitestone Mountain farm in QLD. I have been accompanying Dr Merima Isakovic everywhere since I was 8 weeks old. I love her!!! I also love and inspire all people (and children) to feel cared for. I am curious, but very gentle. I wish for you to feel safe and good when I am around. Everybody says that I am “an amazing source of mindful and comforting support” – I understand this to mean that I am a very good being.

Luna is certainly becoming the most comforting and accompanying Canine Therapist who can work alongside Dr Merima Isakovic. As Dr Merima Isakovic works with adults and children who present with complex issues and a lot of trauma, therefore Luna’s gentle and caring nature has been very therapeutic to those who need this level of support. An amazingly gentle dog, Luna is very calm and caring. She does not automatically initiate a contact. When invited to connect, she would approach you in a gentle and caring manner. Luna is also happy to be playful when you want as well.

Our Canine Therapist, Luna, has completed her Puppy School training and Companion Dog training with the GC Obedience Club, since she was 11 weeks of age. She responds well to basic commands, and has since been beautifully engaged in ongoing obedience and assistance-training.

The feedback Luna has received so far has been extremely positive. She has been welcomed wholeheartedly by clients, colleagues and students, as well as the many shop owners, restauranteurs and pharmacists that she has accompanied Dr Merima Isakovic to meet.

Luna not only gives positive emotional support to our clients, but also to Dr Merima Isakovic and the whole of the Inspire Mindful Psychology Team.

Luna - Canine Therapist