Mindfulness and its use in Psychology

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Mindfulness, or Mindful Psychology, is not just a bunch of exercises. It is not “just do your breathing exercise … and that’s it…”  – it is so much more than this! Here at Inspire Mindful Psychology, we believe you can never just “Do Mindfulness”. We however can become mindful. Mindful for us; for others; for […]

Therapy Dogs – What are they?

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Canine Therapists, or more commonly called Therapy Dogs, have been used for many decades to help people in need. There are many types and breeds of Therapy Dogs, but they all serve the same wonderful purpose: to provide emotional reciprocity, warmth, comfort and support to those who need it. Many people therefore call them “my angel”, and for a good reason! What […]

Managing Your Anger

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Anger is a normal human emotion. In itself, anger is not a problem unless it is expressed in harmful ways. Anger can create trouble in relationships, work, health, day-to-day living or with the law. Psychologists can help you understand anger and learn better ways to handle and express it. Anger is an emotion that can […]

Coping with stress and reducing its impact

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Everyone faces stress from time to time, it’s a natural part of life. However, long-term, unmanaged, and overwhelming stress can build up and have an adverse impact on an individuals health. Taking steps to reduce, manage and cope with stress in positive ways can prevent these effects from further developing or occurring all together. What […]