Psychological Services

Inspire Mindful Psychology offers a range of psychological services to the Gold Coast and nationwide via Telehealth. Delivered by a team of registered Clinical, Neuro, General and Provisional Psychologists, our services are designed to empower you to regain the self-respect, trust and skills to be able to find yourself again and unlock personal growth.
With sessions tailored for each individual, suitable to both adults and children, our qualified team can support you, as well as your entire family, through many of life’s challenges, including:

Focused on making you the priority, we inspire you by providing mindful, empathic, and respectful support, genuine encouragement and skilled clinical guidance, to help you experience a more fulfilled life.

Our psychological services

Counselling Gold Coast QLD, Child Counselling, Psychologist QLD, Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

Our trained team works with you one-on-one to help identify, understand and manage a range of psychological challenges that can impact your ability to live

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Anger Management, Counselling, Psychologist Gold Coast, Relationship Therapy

Family Therapy

At Inspire Mindful Psychology, we believe that family is a central most important contributor to every persons’ life, whether that is a family by blood,

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Counselling Gold Coast QLD, Child Counselling, Psychologist QLD, Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Maintaining a good relationship requires dedication, respect, acceptance, curiosity of difference (instead of confrontation), as well as creativity, playfulness, desire and the ability to work

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Gold Coast Psychologist, Psychological Disorders, Counselling, Marriage Counselling

Parenting therapy

Inspire Mindful Psychology Team, Members and associates believe that parenting is meant to be and certainly can be a satisfying and fulfilling experience giving a

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We are delighted that we are able to offer psychological services via Telehealth to all our Clients, no matter where in Australia you are. 

This could be especially comforting for Clients who live in rural or remote locations, and Clients who can’t attend a physical location due to work, or Clients who are unable to leave their home for any reason, including the Clients with specific disabilities that impact on their ability to access mental health services.

We are here for you whenever you are ready to reach out.

Book with the Inspire Mindful Psychology team via our easy to use online booking portal.