Supporting you when you need it most

We treasure the privilege of being invited to support you on your journey towards a better life

Understanding yourself will allow you to love and appreciate yourself more, to not be lonely, to feel satisfied and to be able to more easily overcome unwanted challenges, connect with those you love, become more appreciated, feel satisfied, and live a more fulfilled life.

The team at Inspire Mindful Psychology is genuinely committed to helping you regain good balance and succeed through the hard times of your life. We are based on the Gold Coast but also available Australia-wide via Telehealth.

“Psychotherapy at any age and any stage empowers you to achieve your goals, improve coping skills, perform better, have better relationships with yourself, with others and achieve a better quality of life.”

Dr Merima Isakovic

We need to get to know you, so that we can help you in a way that is best for you: respecting you, working with you, empowering you

Through supportive, therapeutic relationship we share knowledge and trust, and help you to learn to better understand and appreciate yourself. It will then become easier to make good decisions, manage your needs and better communicate and connect with those you care about. 

The Inspire Mindful Psychology Team share therapeutic skills, tools and strategies to help you come to terms with past struggles, trauma, losses and to cope better with current hurdles. We inspire you and stay by you, shoulder to shoulder, until you are ready, willing, and able to grow into the best version of you and choose your future.

Psychological Services

Inspire Mindful Psychology offers a range of therapies to suit individuals of all ages, couples, families and children. 

Our services also include Clinical & Neuropsychological assessments, Mentoring / Professional Debriefing, Corporate management & coping and Clinical Supervision.

Inspire Mindful Psychology team provides support for:

Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessments

“The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything,
they just make the best of everything they have!”


We are wholeheartedly focused on helping you, wherever you are, to achieve your good goals by best managing your needs and the challenges of life

Through a process of ongoing psychotherapy, assessment and counselling, we are here to inspire you, to support and empower you, to improve your understanding of self and others, improve your coping skills and master strategies that will help you grow:

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Your Psychologists at Gold Coast and via Telehealth Australia-wide

Located in several convenient locations across the Gold Coast and available nationwide via telehealth, the Inspire Mindful Psychology team is here to empower you to grow and thrive. 

Contact us to see how our skilled and experienced team of Gold Coast and Telehealth Psychologists could help you, or your loved one, become your best and happy self through psychological counselling and psychotherapy tailored exclusively for you.