Professional Debriefing & Mentoring

Gold Coast Psychologist, Psychological Disorders, Counselling, Marriage Counselling

Inspire Mindful Psychology offers professional debriefing as well as mentoring for those who wish to increase their efficiency and productivity in their performance across the life domains and has been mostly used in relation to the professional functioning and growth. It has been aimed for anyone holding any type of position who wants to improve his/her effectiveness, relationships, management style and performance at work. Lack of supportive, safe and nurturing guidance could lead to emotional difficulties, feeling unappreciated, becoming defensive, increasing absence from work and escalating conflicts with co-workers.

Professional debriefing and Mentoring can involve the professionals from the same or different professional fields, where a Mentor would engage in consulting relationship in order to support the other person to improve their coping skills, performance, expand one’s knowledge, help resolve managerial as well as coping issues and empower positive growth and desired enhancement. Mentoring gives you an opportunity to review the overarching goals and/or the fragmented/chosen aspects that were triggering stress or sense of incompetency, including but not limited to those related to your communication skills or the workplace dynamics, managing professional relationships and problem solving in a non-judgmental,  helpful and confidential manner.

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